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Artist Biography

LeRoy Jacks

Artist / Architect A.I.A

Maryland / D.C. based Artist, LeRoyJacks; started his artistic professional life as a fully trained and licensed Architect A.I.A. (retired) and Vietnam Veteran but he soon realized that he could not express his full artistic passion and vision working solely with the materials & constraints of the ‘Build Environment’.

This, of course, lead to other forms of expression; some good some not; as can be seen in the continuously evolving techniques, changes of media and style of presentation. He even practiced as a Seriograph Instructor (screen printing) for the Virginia Beach Art Association in the mid 80’s.

His current work involves Cutouts & Spray Paint on Paper which is Overlayed with Cut and/or Torn Painted Paper and Completed with Hand Painting ( usually Acrylic) Markers and/or Colored Pencil. As he says “ the Idea or Image can be Expressed in Depth by Color but Better by Layered Color and Actual Separations Adding Texture as well as Depth”

His choice of subject matter changes and Evolves in Pace with his Exploration of Techniques & Materials but his Mood can sometime be detected by the selection of subject matter. Vivid colors, Bold Movements & Shapes show his extraverted, happy self. The darker more controlled works express his depressed and angry self while the more placid imagery can show his desire for the normalcy long since lost to his memory.